Ölüdeniz & Utah SIVs

Spring courses in Utah and Oludeniz now available!

Spring 2024 Courses

Utah Lake SIV, 2024

Course Dates:

June 21st - 24th Sold Out
June 28th - July 1st Sold Out

Oludeniz SIV, 2024

Course Dates:

May 10th - 15th Sold Out
May 17th - 23rd Sold Out
May 24th - 30th Sold Out

Everyone who attended courses, thanks for a great spring season.

Stay tuned for fall course dates!

Meet your Instructor

Chad Charles is the owner and primary instructor of Loophole Paragliding.

Chad started his career paragliding in 2013 and has been active in the sport ever since. He won 1st place at the only acro competition he has ever entered in the USA in 2022 and plans on diving deeper in the international competition scene in 2024.

His journey into acrobatics and SIV began after he threw his first reserve flying cross country in Utah. The skills Chad learned through SIV and acrobatics have helped him to mitigate risks and he is eager to share these skills to help others have fun and sustainable paragliding careers.

Chad has a passion for teaching both SIV and acro in order to help people progress safely in the sport. His goal is for his students to walk away from the course feeling more confident with their skills and with a deeper understanding of their glider, which will benefit them in whatever style of flying they wish to pursue. Hope to see you at the lake or in Turkey soon!

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