Oludeniz SIV


May 10th - 15th

5 Days of SIV training in Oludeniz turkey.

Day 1 – Gear check, ground school, site briefing and 1-2 flights

Days 2-5 – Two to three coached flights per day. Each flight will start with a briefing. In the evening we’ll do an in depth video debrief of all runs.

Required Gear:

  • Paraglider and Harness
  • Reserve Parachute – 2 reserves required
  • Helmet – duh
  • PFD (life jacket) – You can rent these in turkey for around $3 a day if you don’t own one.
  • Radio – Baofeng has $25 dollar radios on amazon that work and then its not a big deal if they go in the water.

Recommended Gear:

  • Puffy Jacket – Although Oludeniz is quite warm the mountain we launch off of is about 6,000 ft tall and occasionally chilly
  • Light Gloves – Paraglider lines can be sharp and you may have to pull on them so gloves help.
  • Low B Wing – Unless you’ve SIVed before a low b wing is going to allow you the most progression.
  • Open Harness – Learning maneuvers is a lot better in an open harness than a pod.

If you have any other questions on what to bring just ask.

The main thing here is the ability to launch and land. I won’t be on launch to coach you so you need to be comfortable launching from a large mountain. Landings are quite easy as you’ll have the entire beach to land on. Other than that just be ready to have fun and level up your paragliding.

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Common Questions

No, you will be responsible for paying for your runs. Currently, runs are about $15 each.

You can SIV on any wing but for most students we recommend a low B with an open harness. This will allow for easiest and safest progression.

Two reserves are required. If you don’t own and can’t borrow a second reserve I can loan you one with a front mount